March 3-4, 2006 - Tyson American Cup - Philadelphia (USA)

This is the first competition where Yelena has to compete with the new code.
For more infos and for some pics take a look to the Tyson american cup 2006 gallery!

In an interview to, Yelena said she was surprised by the low execution score on her double-twisting Yurchenko vault.
About the new code she said:
"I've been in gymnastics a long time and I'm so used to the old system that I'm not quite sure yet [what
to make of it]..."

March 2006

A leg injury didn't let Yelena compete to her 11th National Championships...
The same injury will make her miss the 2006 European Championships in Volos (Greece) at the end of April.

April 22, 2006

While recovering from her leg-injury Yelena was called to the drawings for the female under 21 football championships. On the right you can see a picture of Yelena during the ceremony!
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May 17, 2006 - Alexei Nemov 'Legend about Sport' show - Moscow

The Nemov show was the first time we could see Yelena recovered from her injury!

Here you can see a pic of Yelena at the end of her floor routine, while you can see a gallery of this show on

You can download the video of that floor routine in the Videos folder!

May 25-26, 2006 - World Stars - Moscow (RUS)

This was the first competition for Yelena after her leg injury, where she qualified for vault and floor finals.

In the vault final we can see Yelena performing a Tsukahara 2/1 twists and a new vault, the Omelianchik, instead of her usual double-twisting Yurchenko. Sadly for her, she fell on both her vaults (final score: 13.325).

In the floor final she finished 4th with the score of 14.400.

In an interview to she said:
"It's possible to blame the rules or the absence of a warm-up, but I blame only myself [...]
There are factors which certainly affected me, recently coming back from injury, the first official meet in
the season, and pressure of the home crowd. But all the same I blame only myself."

September 4-10, 2006 - Russian Championships - Moscow (RUS)

Yelena qualified for the All Around (4th), the Vault (2nd, with a double twisting Yurchenko and probably a Podkapaeva vault - S.V. 5.8 + 5.2) and the Floor (1st, with her last year's routine - S.V. 5.6) finals.

September 9th: ALL AROUND FINAL
Yelena won a bronze medal (57.766), finishing after Kramarenko (59.268) and Isayeva (57.899)!

September 10th: EVENT FINALS
Great day for Yelena since she won 2 gold medals!
In the vault final she won with 14.687, outscoring the current european champion Grudko (14.450) and Kazantseva (14.375).
In the floor final she scored 14.275, leaving behind her Kramarenko (14.125) and Grudko (13.925).

The head coach Rodionenko, said that from the russian championships they will take the top 8 female gymnasts to a training camp (September 19-26 at Lake Krugloye), then from those they will choose the 6 that will go to worlds. They will be looking for the most versatile gymnasts who are able to compete on the majority of apparatus with stability.

On this page you can read an interview she had a few days after these championships.

October 13-21, 2006 - 39th World Championships 2006 - Aarhus (DEN)

On Friday 13th started the 39th World Championships 2006 in Aarhus/Denmark and in the female russian team there were the following gymnasts:
Anna Grudko, Svetlana Klyukina, Yulia Lozhecko, Polina Miller, Anna Pavlova, Kristina Pravdina and of course Yelena Zamolodchikova.

Sadly, during the qualifications, a mistake on the floor made Yelena miss the All Around final (she finished 24th, behind her team-mates Anna Pavlova and Kristina Pravdina) and the Floor Final.
While she qualified for the Vault Final (5th) and with Russia for the Team Final (4th).

On Wednestay 18th October Russia won the bronze team medal finishing behind China and USA and leaving after them the teams of Romania (4th) and the Ukraine (5th).

Here is a picture of the russian girls waving to the crowd during the women's team podium ceremony!
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Friday 20th is the first day of the event final and we can see Yelena competing in the Vault Final.
Sadly her score was only 14.962 (15.100 - 14.825) and she finished only on 6th position..

So these World Championships didn't give to Yelena and to russian female team any individual medals, but at least they got the bronze medal in the team final.

October 27-29, 2006 - DTB-Cup - Stuttgart (GER)

Yelena qualified for the Vault Final (3rd, with the score of 14.900) and the Floor Final (1st, with the score of 14.900). While she finished 15th on Bars (13.450) and 11th on Beam (13.850).

October 28th: VAULT FINAL
Yelena won a bronze medal (14.900), finishing after her russian team-mate Anna Pavlova (15.100) and her friend Oksana Chusovitina (14.937).

October 29th: FLOOR FINAL
Sadly for Yelena, she went out of bounds on one of her tumbling passes and finished only 5th with the score of 14.150.

November 9-11, 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 - Glasgow, Scotland

Yelena qualified for three finals, the vault (2nd, score 14.637), the beam (7th, score 14.275) and the floor (6th, score 14.350).

November 11th: EVENT FINALS
Sunday 11th we could see Yelena twice on the podium!
After finishing 7th on beam (score: 14.500), she won the silver medal both on vault (score: 14.488) finishing behind her russian team-mate Anna Pavlova and on floor (score: 15.000) finishing behind the romanian Sandra Izbasa.
On the right the floor medal ceremony! Photo © Mhairi Waugh

December 15-17, 2006 - World Cup Final 2006 - Sao Paolo, Brazil

For the World Cup Final 2006 Yelena was qualified in her two favourite finals: the vault and the floor ones.

In the vault final she finished third with the score of 14.875 (15.200+14.550) and got the last medal of this quite busy year.
Sadly she went out of bounds just at the beginning of her floor final losing all her chances to finish on the podium. At the end she finished 6th with the score of 14.525.

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