March 21-25, 2007 - Russian Championships - Lobnya (RUS)

The 2007 Russian Championships are over and sadly Yelena wasn't able to compete at her best for problems at her back (she had these problems since February).

In the Team Final, Yelena was competing for the Moscow team where they won bronze medal. Her team mates were Chibiskova, Fyodorova, Chiriryova, Kurbatova and Slepchenko. (1st Central, 2nd St Petersburg, 3rd Moscow).

In the All Around Final she finished 6th with the score of 55.800.

In the Event Final she won the bronze Medal on Vault, while she didn't finish on the podium on the Floor competition.

At the end of the competition the Russian head coach Andrei Rodionenko summed up the competition:
"The strongest ended up on the podium. Everything happened without any surprises. We will now head
to the final selection for the European Championships, which takes place in April in Amsterdam.
Later he listed Kramarenko, Pravdina, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Yelena Zamolodchikova, Anna Grudko, Svetlana Klyukina, Yulia Lozhechko and Anna Pavlova as the contenders for the European Championships.

April 10, 2007 - Round Lake (National Training Center)

The majority of the team preparing for Euros at Round Lake got food poisoning, probably from a cake the parents of a junior gymnast brought her for her birthday. Because of that, the planned competition between Germany and Russia scheduled later this month was cancelled.

April 15, 2007 - Round Lake (National Training Center)

Some really sad news about Yelena!
On April 15th, during her floor routine at the National Training Center in Round Lake, Yelena injured her foot and has to stop training for about 2-3 weeks.
This injury will make her miss the European Championships scheduled for last week of April in Amsterdam.

August 7-12, 2007 - 24th Summer Universiade - Bangkok (Thailand)

After the long stop for the injury she had in April, Yelena competed in the 24th Summer Universiade in Bangkok, Thailand.
Even if not at the her best, she won a bronze medal on floor and finished 4th, just out of the podium, on the All-Around and Vault finals.

Just after the competition, the head coach Andrei Rodionenko said the she will be in the world team in Stuttgart.

In a interview to All-Sport Agency, after saying that camaraderie among the Russian gymnasts is better than in previous years, Yelena said:

"I'm a grown up and I understand perfectly that right now I am not at my peak, I don't doubt that I wouldn't even be on the team if there weren't any injuries.
I feel like the team needs me and I need the team. But as soon as I feel like they don't need me anymore, I'll leave then and there.
I love that now there is no bitterness, that someone can beat out someone from the team, takes someone's place. Yes, we constantly compete against each other, but, nevertheless, as a team we're pumped up.

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