Here is the gallery made by Yelena's fans.
The place where we will post all Yelena's photos that you will send to us.
A fan contribute to the greatness of Yelena Zamolochikova.
Take a look at the "I want you!" section to know what kind of pictures we are looking for and where to send them.

Ellen, 13 Nov 2004
Univé Gym Gala Netherlands
Glasgow Grand Prix
Stefanie, 7 Nov 2004
Worldcup in Ghent
Robert, 12 Dec 2004
DTB Pokal
Birgitte and her
beautiful Lena-Phone
Elien, 5-7 Nov 2004
Worldcup in Ghent
Elien, 5-7 Nov 2004
Worldcup in Ghent
Samantha, 27 Oct 2002
Glasgow Grand Prix
Elien, 5-7 Nov 2004
Worldcup in Ghent
Lily & the City of London Gym. Club
European Championships 2005
Bernard & Martina, 28 Nov
DTB Pokal 2004
Martina, 30 Mar
DTB Pokal 2001
Elena and 2 of the autographs she got at the World Championships in Melbourne - Nov 2005
Adriana Garcia, 12 Mar 2005
Championship Academy "Agot"
Torreón Coahuila México

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