Moscow (RUS), 22nd June 2006

Zamolodchikova started to prepare for Russian nationals in September.

Two time Olympic champion Elena Zamolodchikova started preparation for the Russian Championships in September, which will be a selection for the World championships.
The gymnast herself told this to the agency "All sport":

"The coaches decided I should not go to the World Cup competition in China in July, therefore now I’m reducing my trainings.
On the one hand it’s a bad thing, because that way I again won’t have a practice in performing. On the other hand it’s a good thing, I’ll have the time to rest and to prepare accurately for nationals, where a selection will be made for the World championships in October.
I’m doing everything I can to get on the team, I really don’t want to be left out and let younger gymnasts become stronger in my spot. Luckily nothing is distracting me now: not injuries, not studies.
I had to sacrifice my vacation to pass all my exams at the Academy of Sports Lesgaft in Saint-Petersburg.
But that way I got into the 5th year and I won’t have to study for long now anymore. Now the most important thing is gymnastics, I’ll work on my routines, renew them and correct the weaknesses."

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