Moscow (RUS), 12th September 2006

After the recent Russian Cup in gymnastics, we took some time to ask Double Olympic Champion Elena Zamolochikova some questions.

Lena, have you recieved a lot of congratulations?
Last time, my phone was broken, so I could not recieve calls from all of my friends in Alexei Nemov's show. But I have been congratulated and told that my perfromance was very pleasant. It was a fantastic competition for me, eveything went well, now I wish for similar sensations. I hope that from this moment on, my strip of bad luck has ended.

And when did your bad luck begin?
I was simply tortured with traumas. Everything fell down right after Sydney. I was very moody because of the pain, I lost everything.

Why did you carry on if you had so many traumas one after another?
You will probably not believe it, but I do not know. I looked at Oksana Chusovitina (a former Soviet gymnast now representing Uzbekistan) who is 30 and in very good shape, good enough to win the World Championships. I trained normally and reached a peak but then I would lose my form due to another trauma, it has been a very hard time and has affected my performance.

In the spring, you came only 8th on the vault, now, after only 3 months, you are first. What happened?
I trained like a madwoman! I trained hard after a very bad time, but all the time I could never figure out why some vaults were not working. Probably coincidence of circumstances. But for the World Championships in October, me and my coach have decided to change my training programs to mix choreography and acrobatics, I want to create something interesting. As you can see, so far it has worked out.

During all these years you have prepared for every possible championships. At the Olympics in Athens though, you won nothing. What keeps you in gymnastics?
I have a dream, that I want to achieve. I want to go on to my third Olympics and win, at last, win gold, after a long struggle. To achieve victory is very personal to me. And when I work under the greatest gymnastics structure in the World, I will rise up once more...

What do you consider are your chances for success as a team?
Why can we not achieve it? We are now very strong, and confident. Our national coach realises we have great young gymnasts and works with them, but I do no let that affect me. I have had bad competitions, the younger performers may have the skills, but not the experience.

And for you?
I should make it within time, it's a process as they say. If you want something, you have to act and make it happen. I am an optimist at heart, if I undertake a challenege, I will always finish.

by Oksana Tonkacheyeva from
English translation by Fullybooked

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