World Cup Final - Sao Paolo, Brazil 

December 15-17, 2006

For the World Cup Final 2006 Yelena was qualified in her two favourite finals: the vault and the floor ones.

In the vault final she finished third with the score of 14.875 (15.200+14.550) and got the last medal of this quite busy year.
Sadly she went out of bounds just at the beginning of her floor final losing all her chances to finish on the podium. At the end she finished 6th with the score of 14.525.

So, after a really difficult start of the year where she had to change most of her routines for the new code and after an injury that didn't let her compete in the 2006 European Championships, in the last part of the season she showed to the world that she is still strong and competitive, fighting in each competition for a podium, as usual since 1996!

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   Photos © copyright Nelson Antoine

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