I want you!
Yes I want just you!

Have you ever meet Zamolodchikova in a gymnastic event?
Have you asked her for an autograph? Have you ever take a photo of you and Yelena together?

We are planning to have some FANS GALLERIES about:
  • Amateur fan photos of Yelena while competing.
  • Photos of yourself taken together with Yelena.
  • Scans of Yelena's autographs she made you.
  • Your drawings/paintings of Yelena.
If you have one or more of the specified type of photos and you want to share them with us and see them published on this site, just send them at the following address:

Remember to tell us your name (that will be published together with your photos) and the date and competition where you have made that photo.

Last Update: 24th Feb 17 
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